Trig Functions

There are several simple trig functions that you definitely have to remember and in this article, we will help you to remember all of them easily.

picture of triangle explaining simple trig functions

Scholar's Tip: Try using the TOA, CAH, SOH method to remember the simple trig functions easily

Let's see on how we go about it. Take for example, sine angle of sine function.We know that sine angle for cosine and trig function is the ratio of the opposite side of the triangle to the hypotenuse .So we have come up with ‘SOH' meaning that sine ? is equal to the opposite side over the hypotenuse. This is the same for ‘CAH' and ‘TOA'. ‘CAH' means that cosine angle for cosine and trig function is equal to the adjacent over the hypotenuse. Similarly, ‘TOA' means that tangent is equal to the opposite side over the adjacent.

Remembering these simple trig functions wasn't that hard was it? Let's look at an overview of these trig functions.

sine trig function (sine) (SOH)

(cosine) (CAH)

trig function for tangent (tangent) (TOA)




In the event that the denominator in the trigonometry function (sine , cosine ) is equated to zero, the entire trigonometry function will be undefined.

For every real angle , there exists a value for cosine and sine . As such ,the angle angle within the simple trig function does not have to be acute. The values of sine and cosine (sec and cosec as well) is restricted between – 1 and 1 . Values for tangent and cot , on the other hand, can extend to positive and negative infinity.

After learning these trig functions, proceed on to find out more about the trig ratio.

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