Basic Trigonometry

This is the place to build a strong foundation in basic trigonometry. These trigonometry topics are taught at high school .Students would have to be proficient in basic trigonometry in order to take AP trigonometry courses in the future.If you read through the below courses and work hard at the basic trigonometry concepts, you can be sure of having an easy time in trigonometry during high school.

Basic Trigonometry Topics


Radian - Learn what is the definition of radian and how to convert radians to degrees.


Arc - Finding the arc and area of a sector of a circle by using radians.

Trig Functions

Trig Functions - Discover what trig functions are all about and how to remember sine,cosine,tangent functions.

Trig Ratio

Trig Ratio - The beginning to learning about trig ratio . Introduction of the 'ASTC' Diagram

Trig Ratios

Trig Ratios - Next step in finding out the trig ratios with the 'ASTC' Diagram

Examples on Trig Ratios

Trig Ratios examples - Applying the concept of trig ratios in problems

Trig Identities

Trig Identities - List of trig identities that you can use for your own revision

Supplementary Angles

Supplementary Angles - How to convert them into their basic trig functions.

Complementary Angles

Complementary Angles - What they are and special tips on how to memorise them

Trig Tables

Trig Tables - Easy method to memorise the specific values of trig with trig tables

Trigonometry Equations

Trigonometry Equations - Ways to solving them and examples to work through

Addition Formulas

Addition Formulas - Use of addition formulas to get precise trig functions without a calculator

Double Angle Formulas

Double Angle Formulas - How they are derived and how is it applicable to common trig problems

Half Angle Formula

Half Angle Formula - Its derivation and when to apply it in special trig questions

Trig Formulas

Trig Formulas - Extensive course on trigonometry factor formula

Trigonometry Formulas

Trigonometry Formulas - Exploring the R formula and simplifying two different trig functions into one.


Sine - General Solutions for the sine function


Cosine - General Solutions for the cosine function


Tangent - General Solutions for the tangent function

Inverse Trig Functions

Inverse Trig Functions - Learn more about them with examples included.

Small Angle Approximation

Small Angle Approximation - Approximating the value of a trig function

Law of Sines

Law of Sines - How the law of sines is derived and when to apply the law.

Law of Cosines

Law of Cosines - Start of journey to learning about them

Law of Cosines ( Part 2)

Law of Cosines - Continuation of derivation and examples on them

Basic Trigonometry

Basic Trigonometry - Review on problems of concepts found throughout this trigonometry help site.

Basic Trig

Basic Trig - More questions on basic trigonometry.