Basic Trigonometry

In this course, we will be looking at different problems found in basic trigonometry .Students are encouraged to go through thoroughly our website's notes before attempting the questions on basic trigonometry.

Examples of Basic Trigonometry


In this basic trigonometry question , we use the double angle formula cos 2x = 2cos x-1 so that the equation is expressed in terms of cosine x .

Express it in quadric form so that we can solve for cosine x.

factoring in basic trigonometry

or cos x = 2 ( N.A since -1 = cos x = 1 )

It's important to note this non applicable part as it tests on understanding. Otherwise marks will be deducted.

If ,

solution for question on basic trigonometry , Z

The general solution is for all real numbers of n. If you are unclear on this, go to the general solutions of cosine.

Solving Basic Trigonometry Equations that can be reduced to the form

Here are the forms of basic trigonometry equations.




These basic trigonometry equations can be solved by

a) Trigonometry factor formula

b) using the forms of general solutions for sine, cosine or tangent.

Notice that for trigonometry equations like

We can make use of basic trig identities for complementary angles to convert trig functions to the same form.

Here is one example.

Note that in basic trigonometry ,

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