Basic Trig

In this course, we would continue to work on examples of basic trig from the ones we have seen in basic trigonometry. Read through all our notes before attempting these basic trig questions as they test on the concepts learnt on this trigonometry help website.

Examples of Basic Trig

a) Find the general solution of .

working out problem on basic trig

, Z

For this basic trig question, we have to consider the cases when n is an even or odd number.

Case 1: n=2k, Z

, Z

Case 2 : n= 2k+1 , Z

Solving Basic Trig Equations involving factor formula


Looking at the basic trig question , we realize that we have to split the complex trigonometry functions. Before we do that, we multiply the equation by 2 so that it fits the form

2cosAcosB = cos(A+B) +cos(A-B)

2sinAcosB =-[cos(A+B)-cos(A-B)]

For further revision on trigonometry factor formula, please go to trigonometry formula.

simplified basic trig function



, Z

If , answer for basic trig problems

expression for basic trigonometry

, Z

Solving Basic Trig Equations of the form where a, b, c are constants


We have to make use of R-Formula in order to solve this basic trig question.

We have to consider both cases in order to solve this basic trig question.

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